Measuring service quality in an Academic Library: Indian case study


Purpose – The aim of this study is to measure the perceptions of the Jawaharlal Nehru University
(JNU) library users as they relate to quality service and to determine how far the JNU library has
succeeded in delivering such service to its users.
Design/methodology/approach – The research was carried out among the students and faculty
members of the JNU. A questionnaire was used as the data gathering instrument. The instruments
for data collection consisted of structured questions. All the closed ended questions were designed to
elicit responses on a five point Likert scale to measure both respondent satisfaction and perception of
service quality. Analysis of the collected data made use of the chi-square method.
Findings – The results would appear to indicate that the JNU library is not lacking in quality of
service. However, we need to note that quality information service is about helping users to define
and satisfy their information needs, building their confidence in using information retrieval systems,
and making the whole activity of working with library staff a pleasurable experience. To achieve
total quality in information service the JNU library should provide a comprehensive information
programme that is predicated on the needs and activities of the users.
Originality/value – This study may help those libraries, who are seriously interested to develop
user satisfaction and provide better service to the user. This study also suggests some
recommendations about increasing the user satisfaction in the library service.
Keywords Quality management, Service quality, Academic libraries, SERVQUAL
Paper type- Case study

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